A sales and marketing software solution for managing the communications, documentation and negotiations of the RFP process. Track case logs, manage tasks, document case artifacts, request proposals, create quote comparisons and illustrate proposals.

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Quote Management

Track cases throughout the life of the sales process:

  • Log cases by group, effective date, producer and sales rep to track quotes and report on case log, close ratios, turn-around times, and follow-up.
  • Market to multiple carriers/MGUs for multiple lines of insurance and track by date sent, date due, date quote received, and current status.
  • Query cases by effective date, broker, producer, sales office, carrier, insurance coordinator, sales rep and due dates for analysis and reporting.
  • Report on the sales process with both log and statistical analysis of cases with producers and cases quoted with carriers.
  • Track carrier quotes, declines and sold cases by dates for reporting and analysis.
  • Follow-up with brokers and producers for outstanding case documentation and proposal status.
  • Follow-up with carriers and managing general underwriters for quotes and negotiations.

Case Documentation

Create and manage a complete electronic file attached to the case for documentation, on-line review, and distribution in the sales and marketing process:

  • Collect, organize, and maintain case documentation for stop loss terms, benefit plan, census, shock-loss claims, aggregate reports and experience.
  • Attach e-mails from Microsoft Outlook©, Microsoft Word© and Excel© documents, PDFs or scan documents directly into the application.
  • Import census for 5-year age banding and zip code distribution.
  • Input requested stop loss terms for sending to carriers and MGUs for integration with their underwriting process.

Activities And Tasks

Track due dates, tasks and activities for keeping on top of all cases and responsibilities in the marketing process:

  • Create tasks for follow-up on important cases, missing information and due dates.
  • Record communications and next-steps in the process.
  • View due dates and follow-up from a single dash-board so that you never lose track of task.


Create a complete quote package to send to each carrier and managing general underwriter simultaneously and independently:

  • Send a quote request along with case documentation directly to the carrier securely without the hassle of maintaining an FTP site or secure E-mail.
  • Include case documentation as attachments along with data for integration with carriers and MGUs quote system and process.
  • Send a quote package via E-mail as an alternative to connecting directly to carriers and MGUs.
  • Send the same quote package to all markets at once; each market will receive its own package independent and separate from all other markets.
  • Completed quote packages are journalized for complete documentation and record of the information provided in the RFP.

Comparative Quotes

Log and compare carrier and MGU quotes side-by-side for analysis and negotiation:

  • Include terms, rate, Aggregate factors and attachment point, Lasers, and limitations.
  • Side-by-side comparison of all quotes from each market by comparable deductible, including current rates and renewal rates.

Proposal Illustration

Illustrate a proposal by adding administration and vendor fees to carrier quotes illustrating fixed and variable costs:

  • Align current rates, renewal rates and competitor markers in a side-by-side comparison.
  • Add administrative fees and vendor fees to illustrate a complete proposal for evaluating fixed, variable and total costs.
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