xchangecentre is a secure communications portal for sending claims, claim notices and quote requests to stop-loss carriers and managing general underwriters. All data is encrypted and password protected in compliance with HIPAA and ePHI privacy requirements.


Each carrier subscribes to an exchange where all communications for the carrier are sent, eliminating the need to log onto multiple proprietary secure email accounts, ftp sites or client web portals with different addresses, user names and passwords to remember.

Cost Savings

Carriers and managing general underwriters using our ESL Office software have the added benefit of a direct link to the exchanges. ESL Office polls the xchangecentre throughout the day and pulls down all submissions automatically. Claims, notices and quote requests are auto logged and data populated from the submission sent by the TPA or broker without the costly expense of re-keying data.


All transactions sent to xchangecentre are sent and stored encrypted in a database behind multiple firewalls with active scans for detecting intrusion attempts. All access is logged by user and date. Carriers manage their own user’s access to xchangecentre relieving the TPA or Broker from keeping current with changes to carrier personnel and their roles. The carrier can restrict user access to each exchange transaction set to ensure the safety and privacy of ePHI.

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