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BenefitConnect is an integrated software solution for third party administrators to track, manage and communicate underwriting quotes and claims to stop-loss carriers and managing general underwriters.

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BenefitConnect Software

BenefitConnect is a cloud based software solution for third party administrators with applications for Request for Proposal, Claim Recovery and Contact Management.

Request for Proposal

A sales and marketing software solution for managing the communications, documentation and negotiations of the RFP process. Track case logs, manage tasks, document case artifacts, request proposals, create quote comparisons and illustrate proposals.

Contact Management

A software tool to maintain contact information of all business associates including brokers, producers, carriers, managing general underwriters, groups and vendors.

Claim Reporting and Recovery

A software solution to manage the communication, reporting, and recovery of specific stop-loss claim submissions. Track claims, receivables, pending claims and denials, and recoveries with carriers and managing general underwriters.

Benefit Plan Management

Benefit Plan management and communication made easy. Create and manage Benefit Schedules and Benefit Plans for communication with clients, staff and vendors. Create and distribute the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for PPACA compliance.


BenefitConnect provides a secure real-time connection between TPAs, carriers and MGUs without the hassle and maintenance of FTP sites or third-party secure e-mail accounts. Connect with stop-loss carriers electronically and directly with any of the more than 80 carriers on Young Consulting’s ESLOffice software platform.

Best of all, the connection between the TPA, carrier and MGU is truly electronic, direct and immediate. RFPs and Claims are filed instantly with any of the over 80 stop-loss carriers on the Young Consulting ESLOffice platform and integrated directly with their stop-loss underwriting, administration and claims system. The carrier does not need to login anywhere; all submissions are received real-time so they can be acted upon immediately.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. BenefitConnect is a cloud based software solution accessed via the web. There is nothing to install and no third-party software to purchase. Simply set-up an account with Young Consulting and begin using the benefits of a TPA focused stop-loss software system immediately. Each TPA will be set-up with their own segregated, secure and encrypted database with never any co-mingling of data with others.

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